Liaison Consulting Services is committed to creating marketing and management programs on the behalf of our clients

that exceed expectations

through sound strategic thinking

employing multiple tactics to reach target objectives

utilizing proven and innovative techniques

providing clear value for the services rendered

within an atmosphere that fosters creativity

Superior strategies are based on delivering customer value in one of three distinct ways:

1. Operational excellence, through price and convenience leadership, requires business processes that minimize overhead and internal transaction costs and manage close links to customers and channel partners;

2. Customer intimacy strategies emphasize the ability to continuously tailor products and services to increasingly fine customer definitions; a highly developed market sensing capability is essential so that shifting requirements can be identified as early as possible; and

3. Product leadership is attained with a continuous stream of innovative products and services. Here again, a market-sensing capability — recognizing emerging needs, rapidly assessing customer response, and designing rapid market entry strategies — is a key contributor to the success of this strategy.